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Fast Medical Billing
  • Professional Support
  • Allows you to focus on your core competencies
  • More consistent cash flow
  • Less money & time spent on reimbursement
  • Better follow-up on problem claims

Medical Billing Service & Software

Running a successful medical practice in today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment isn’t easy. The key to a profitable practice lies in personalized and sensitive patient care. Our medical billing service objective is to reduce hassle for health care providers, improve their cash flow and reduce their risk exposure. Our Missouri medical billing service specializes in staying current on regulations and requirements that affect your reimbursement, software developments and methods that benefit our clients. Our medical billing service used local clearinghouse to send your claims to the insurance company. Our billing service helps dental office with different vendor to send their x-rays, so they can do everything electronic. Our medical billing service bills for Physicians, Specialty Physicians, Chiropractic, Dentist, DME, Optometry, Psychologist, Physical Therapist, Ambulance, Hospital, Nursing Home, and Home Health.

Medical Billing ServiceThat’s why our medical billing service exists. Our practice management and claims submission services will attend to the business details, freeing you to Keeping Your Priorities In Check! Our billing service can handle all your billing needs, or we can sell you billing software and set your office up so everything goes electronic. Our billing service can sell billing software that leaves your office paperless, no more loss chart or paper clutter that will
help make your office HIPAA compliance.  We can set up your EOB & EFT,
so everything is electronic.

Our Medical Billing Service specializes in Physical Therapy Billing, Occupational & Speech Therapy Billing, Psychiatric Billing, Psychological Billing, Social Work Billing, Internal Medicine Physicians, and Sleep Studies Facility, we do it all, and WE GET RESULTS!

Our medical billing service has added software that now edits claim data to ensure coding and front-end technical accuracy. Your reimbursement won’t be compromised or delayed because of coding or technical errors. Our billing service scrutinizes your claim just like the insurance carrier does, no more bundling claims or wrong usage of modifier. Our medical billing service has 100% error-free claims going to the insurance carrier, which gives you higher paid out on your claims.

Our medical billing service has added a server in the office. Our remote access allows you full access to our patient accounting and scheduling software. The doctor office will have access to the same system in real time, allowing you to see patient data at all times. Your office will have access to all our billing systems, which offer many practice analysis reports and account receivable reports.

Our medical billing service now offers appeals for your claims being denied. Do you experience denied claims for any of these reason: medical necessity, timely filing, and preexisting statute; experimental or investigational. Stop losing money for claims being denied and lets us help you with your appeals.

Our billing service provides a fee range, relative value and Medicare average allowance for nearly every CPT Code.

Our State of the Art software is compliant with the new HIPAA standards. Our billing software provides dozens of new features, to help meet the challenges imposed by HIPAA. Among these new HIPAA features are enhanced security with optional data encryption; expanded options for securing and tracking protected health information; comprehensive tracking of amendments requests and responses; detailed internal access logs of patient records; quick access to all external requests for patient records; and the following suite of integrated forms and letters.
Our software can bill the (CMS-1500) and (UB-92) Health Insurance Claim Form, which will accommodate the new (NPI) National Provider Identifiers.

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